Radiator by Xenofon Hector Grigorelis

Xenofon Hector Grigorelis Shows The Now.0 Radiator

Xenofon Hector Grigorelis, the lead designer of the highlighted work NoW.0 by Xenofon Hector Grigorelis illustrates, The vertical designed lines are self connected with a special shape and give the object its defined outline. The oversized dimensions <Cropped>

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Pendant Light:haara by Ian Cameron

Ian Cameron Demonstrates The Haara Pendant Light

Ian Cameron, the designer of the award winning work Pendant Light by Ian Cameron spells out, The Haara pendant light was derived from close observation of nature. With light naturally drawing the eye, this sculptural piece was designed and handcrafte <Cropped>

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Set Design by Letícia Vorcaro-Sportv

Letícia Vorcaro-Sportv Portrays The Olympic Studios Set Design

Letícia Vorcaro - SporTV, the thinktank behind the award winning design Set design by Letícia Vorcaro - SporTV points out, SporTV s arts team designed, planned, built, and supervised all scenic projects elaborated to carry out the coverage of th <Cropped>

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New Life For Fibres

Dbt Fibre and Desall Invite You to Suggest New Applications For The Semi-finished Textile Products, Exploring Fields Other Than Yarn Making or Similar.new Life For Fibres New Contest On Desall.com: Dbt Fibre and Desall Invite You to Suggest New Applicati

Dbt fibre and desall invite you to suggest new applications for the semi-finished textile products, exploring fields other than yarn making or similar.New life for fibres new contest on desall.com: dbt fibre and desall invite you to suggest new appl <Cropped>

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Negative by Azadeh Shariati & Babak Shariati

Azadeh Shariati & Babak Shariati Reveals The Negative Arm Chair

Azadeh Shariati & Babak Shariati , the architect of the award winning design Azadeh Shariati & Babak Shariati 's Negative Arm chair spells out, The first time you want to sit on “negative chair” you pause for a second thinking it is <Cropped>

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Earbeans by Liang Liang Ji

Liang Liang Ji Presents The Earbeans Earphones For Best Comfort

Liang Liang Ji, the creator of the award winning design Earphones for Best Comfort:EarBeans by Liang Liang Ji spells out, Earphones currently in the market either do not fit perfectly in the ears or do not stay comfortable in the ears for a long peri <Cropped>

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Harbour Green-Residential by Michael Liu

Michael Liu Designs The Harbour Green Residential

Michael Liu, the designer of the highlighted work Harbour Green - Residential by Michael Liu says, The designer bifurcated this 2,200 square-foot apartment into living room, dining room, maid’s room, den, the son’s room, the master room and a kit <Cropped>

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Desk Lamp:inlor by Yunus Emre Pektas

Yunus Emre Pektas Creates The Inlor Desk Lamp

Yunus Emre Pektas, the creator of the award winning work Desk Lamp by Yunus Emre Pektas spells out, The project started as a midterm project in junior year as an industrial design student.Brief was to design a modern desk lamp.Designing Inlor the m <Cropped>

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Private Residence:wang Residence by Gudc

Gudc Presents The Wang Residence Private Residence

GUDC, the architect of the highlighted work GUDC's Wang Residence Private Residence says, Styling Together The main approach is to let the elegant style of stone and leather texture play the magic in the generous interior area. We chose the whit <Cropped>

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Residential House by Sarah Yan

Sarah Yan Reveals The Delicacy Embellishing Luxury Residential House

Sarah Yan , the author of the highlighted work Delicacy Embellishing Luxury by Sarah Yan demonstrates, What the space would be without the existence of substance? Even more, substance represents not only an outward appearance, but also a symbol, whic <Cropped>

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