Award Winning Avanti Elegant Car

Ross Compton Spotlights The Avanti Elegant Car

Ross Compton, the creator of the highlighted design Elegant Car:Avanti by Ross Compton demonstrates, Avanti has been created due to a lack in variety amongst the exotic car market. Avanti is designed to brake boundaries within market categories, with <Cropped>

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Mitsuru Kamikubo's Kanji-Line: Tengafuchin Typography Art

Mitsuru Kamikubo Demonstrates The Kanji-Line: Tengafuchin Typography Art

Mitsuru Kamikubo, the lead designer of the awarded project Typography art by Mitsuru Kamikubo explicates, This piece is influenced by Japanese calligraphy and street art. For its motif, several kanji characters are combined in a way that they overlap <Cropped>

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World Cup Sportv´s Studio by Sportv

Sportv Illustrates The World Cup Sportv´s Studio Glass Studio

SPORTV, the creative mind behind the highlighted project Glass studio by SPORTV illustrates, SporTV is Globo’s sports network, the largest in Brazil, and has three channels with 24-hour sports. For the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Sportv built a semi-sphe <Cropped>

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Uv Disinfection Tableware Case by Amos Zhu, Hana Feng and Zhao Xiong

Amos Zhu, Hana Feng and Zhao Xiong Demonstrates The Ecodining Uv Disinfection Tableware Case

Amos Zhu, Hana Feng and Zhao Xiong, the creator of the highlighted work UV disinfection tableware case by Amos Zhu, Hana Feng and Zhao Xiong explicates, Innovative design features are applied to EcoDining.Streamline design and well round shape brings <Cropped>

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Rotating Happiness-Residential House by Shuheng Huang-Sherwoodesign

Shuheng Huang-Sherwoodesign Designs The Rotating Happiness Residential House

ShuHeng Huang - Sherwoodesign, the author of the displayed design Rotating Happiness - Residential House by ShuHeng Huang - Sherwoodesign spells out, A metaphor of family relationships. An eye-catching mechanical interactive artwork is installed on t <Cropped>

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Bicycle Alarm Bell by Chang-Yu Pan

Chang-Yu Pan Discloses The Bellpipes Bicycle Alarm Bell

Chang-Yu Pan, the project leader of the highlighted work Award Winning Bellpipes Bicycle Alarm Bell says, Bellpipes is an innovative bicycle bell. It combines a whistle with a bell and allows cyclists to choose different sounds as alarms according to <Cropped>

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Armin Pedevilla-House At Mill Creek Single Family Home

At Design Interviews

Interview with Armin Pedevilla : Frank Scott: What is the main principle, idea and inspiration behind your design?. Armin Pedevilla : The main principle was to fit a design in an almost urban environment. We gathered all possibilities that the small <Cropped>

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Rustoholic Cinema by Oft Interiors Ltd

Oft Interiors Ltd. Spotlights The Rustoholic Cinema Palace Cinemas

OFT Interiors Ltd. , the creative mind behind the highlighted project OFT Interiors Ltd. 's Rustoholic Cinema Palace Cinemas spells out, The roughness of industrial style has been designated as the personality of the Palace Galerie cinema at Che <Cropped>

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Jazz Bar by Chikara Sasaki and Aky N

Chikara Sasaki and Aky N Shares The Jz Club Jazz Bar

Chikara Sasaki and Aky N, the creator of the awarded project JZ Club by Chikara Sasaki and Aky N points out, In October 2016, the JZ Club unveiled their new location at Found 158, in the middle of a local park on Julu Lu, Shanghai. The JZ Club is one <Cropped>

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Book Shelf by Venkatesh Kalidoss

Venkatesh Kalidoss Shows The Transform Book Shelf

Venkatesh Kalidoss, the designer of the award winning work Book Shelf by Venkatesh Kalidoss spells out, He Has Designed in Such a Way That the User Can Change the Design According to His Need .this Makes the User to Participate in the Design and Hi <Cropped>

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