Award Winning Bosscat Bar & Restaurant

Hootan Hamedani Demonstrates The Bosscat Bar & Restaurant

Hootan Hamedani, the designer of the highlighted project Hootan Hamedani's Bosscat Bar & Restaurant spells out, Being located in the heart of a busy city, Bosscat intended to invite people to a unique grange scene. It envisioned to be a spot <Cropped>

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Eagle-Electric Kick Scooter by Ignas Survila

Ignas Survila Portrays The Eagle Electric Kick Scooter

Ignas Survila, the project leader of the awarded work Eagle by Ignas Survila explicates, The lightest and thinnest electric scooter on earth with an integrated handle-build-in dashboard with a continuous connection to your smart device! Its minimalis <Cropped>

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Branding by Joel Derksen

Joel Derksen Illustrates The Wikiwiki Poke Shop Branding

Joel Derksen, the designer of the displayed work Branding:WikiWiki Poke Shop by Joel Derksen spells out, Wiki Wiki's bold approach to Poke seafood dishes led us to take an equally bold approach: black and white, bold colours, and a dynamic ident <Cropped>

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Hospital Space:darwin by Nic Lee

Nic Lee Illustrates The Darwin Hospital Space

Nic Lee, the designer of the highlighted design Darwin - Hospital space by Nic Lee says, This project is for a cosmetic surgery clinic located in a commercial building in downtown Taipei.Human artistry is to modification of countenance created by God <Cropped>

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Residential Design Awards 2018

A' Design Awards Is Pleased to Announce That The a' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Is Open For Nomination of Architecture Designs Right Now For The 2018 Design Award and Competition. Submit Your Architecture Design Now

The A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Competition is open for 2018 entries to be recognised worldwide. Both concept stage and realised architectural projects, urban design projects and buildings can be submitted to the A' Desig <Cropped>

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Riviera by Studiomk27

Studiomk27 Spotlights The Riviera Bar

studiomk27, the maker of the awarded project studiomk27's Riviera Bar demonstrates, The curved lines of the glass bricks of the façade are transported to the inside. The result is a sinuous counter registered throughout the ground floor. In the <Cropped>

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Pablo Saracho-Cwic Toy

At Design Interviews

Interview with Pablo Saracho : Frank Scott: What is the main principle, idea and inspiration behind your design?. Pablo Saracho : Deciduous trees show perfectly the cycle of life every year. We thought that it could be a good idea to design a tree in <Cropped>

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Si-House by Shingyo Ozawa

Shingyo Ozawa Creates The Si-House Residential House

Shingyo Ozawa, the creative mind behind the displayed work SI-House - Residential House by Shingyo Ozawa says, Japan is known as a country with many earthquakes even if it is viewed worldwide. Under such circumstances, advanced structural calculation <Cropped>

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Design Story-An Online Photo Video Competition

Design Story-An Online Photo Video Competition Is Too Examine The World Around You and Submit An Entry Where You Can See a Design Story or a Solution

Design story-an online photo video competition is too examine the world around you and submit an entry where you can see a design story or a solution.

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A Stranger to Words by Meng Chih Chiang

Meng Chih Chiang Portrays The a Stranger to Words Data Visualization

Meng Chih Chiang, the creative mind behind the award winning project A Stranger to Words by Meng Chih Chiang says, ‘A Stranger to Words’ is an interactive network graph to visualize Meng's personal learning experience as a dyslexic. Based on <Cropped>

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