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The Charity Water remote well sensor measures the flow of clean water, and records and reports how efficiently wells are working at any given time. Wells containing this sensor are being installed all over the world, bringing clean water to communities who otherwise would not have clean water to use or drink. This remote well sensor keeps donors and water committees informed in real time about well function, ensuring the delivery of clean water to their communities.

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Nirapai-Safety Plug.

Safety Extension Plug, single (2-pin) is designed to have a strong holding to tighten both plug and socket together in order to prevent unplugging by accident or unpredictable causes while using. It stabilizes electricity current, which helps extending product life, and provide safer usage and more convenient use than normal plug.

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Reed 5T

Designers idea to create this linear tracking tonearm came up from intention to create compact tangential tonearm. Keeping in mind that most of tangential tonearms are massive. While creating this tonearm designers prime focus was to create high quality, functional, compact and efficient design. This tonearm working principle is based on Thales theorem and the rule that given three non-collinear points it is possible to draw only one circle that has finite radius and passes through all three. According to these rules arm tube is tangential to the groove of LP while turntable is playing.

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Trazor Gel

Trazor Gel is a Revolutionary All in one Shaving System with the world’s first Multi blade adapter that gives the freedom to accept more than 25 of the most popular men and women razor blades. It also has an integrated dual purpose shaving and aftershave gel making it a complete shaving system. Trazor’s ergonomic design gives one of the smoothest shave with less hand fatigue and a firm grip. It comes with a sleek and compact travel case .

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FDTC Compact

The FDTC compact cassette; a unique design created to provide dynamic cooling and heating. With lower running costs and energy expenditure, the attractive draft prevention panel offers increased comfort for end users. With the advanced engineering and new design features flexibility and satisfaction is felt within office, retail and leisure environments.

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Agile 4525L

Agile 4525L gives an impression of pace at short distances with dynamic lines flowing to front at sides and sweeping upwards at the back. The unique twist form at backrest creates an unconventional aesthetic perception, helps safety belts to work efficiently and prevents hunchbacks. Innovative height-adaptive belts that don’t need any adjustments can adapt to passengers in any height. Extended leg space obtained by a thinner backrest guarantees comfort. Metallic colors of accessories and buttons help visibility in low light while enhancing the perceived quality.

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