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All though there exists numerous precedence demonstrating the benefits of floor cleaning robots, one major factor attributing to their performance loss is their inability to access staircases. sTetro uses a lifting mechanism to reconfigure itself and is capable of navigating over flat surfaces as well as staircases, thus significantly extending the automated cleaning capabilities as compared to conventional home cleaning robots. An autonomy algorithm is also designed for self transformation, locomotion, and autonomous navigation of sTetro in the controlled environment.

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An easy to use tires inflator kit for both cars and bikes with unique design that accompany the AXION energy gas station brand image. The overall concept behind these elements is to offer a broad range of customer oriented services. These inflators were designed and produced with usability and durability in mind and both are free to use for all customers and passers-by. The main cases are made of galvanized steel-work coated with rust-proof painting and then brand and use instructions decals are applied.

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World's first dynamic parcel locker which can provide different box sizes by folding/unfolding its shelves and merging/unmerging its doors, thus maximizing usable space in minimum footprint. This unique capability makes the device usable for various service providers, offering an intuitive experience for end users without involving them in technical complexities.

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S r e

The project S r e - charging system for e-bikes and e-cars, aims to provide citizens, of 22 municipalities in the Province of Treviso, a free electric recharge service for e-bikes and electric cars, in order to increase the tourist attractiveness of the places. It is made by Unione Montana delle Prealpi Trevigiane, in the first 10 municipalities, with a contribution from the U.E. through the Altamarca Trevigiana Gal - Veneto Region. Innovative are: form and modularity, electro-mechanical padlock locker, remote maintenance portal with APP of system diffusion.

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Wireless Intelligence Sensing (WISe) combines unique hardware and computing breakthroughs to accurately measure heartbeat, breath rates, and other vital signs without wearables. Innovations include minimizing wireless interference and fitting seven antennas in a coin-sized space. Cutting-edge computation isolates sensor signals from environmental noise and measures minuscule rhythms like heartbeats, non-intrusively, from meters away.

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Wallpanel Installing Robot

The wall-panel installing robot is designed to solve the large labor intensity of workers, low efficiency, high safety risk and other adverse factors during construction. It is controlled by app using the set visual charge-coupled device, sensors and built-in algorithms. Many experiments and adjustments are made to make the robot more convenient to use and satisfy the using as well as industry requirement. Functional zones of product are divided through the color blending of materials. The appearance is more tidy and magnificent.

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