Art Materials Design Award

A' Design Award and Competition Is Open For Art Materials, Stationery Supplies and Gift Items Designs

The indicator of quality and excellence, A' Design Award and Competition is open for submission from Art Materials, Stationary Supplies and Gift Items category. A' Design Award and Competition is open for all; concept stage, prototype or fi <Cropped>

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Massaya-Packaging by Brandit

Brandit. Presents The Massaya Packaging

BRANDiT., the maker of the awarded work Award Winning Massaya Packaging demonstrates, Massaya is a decorative package to hold two wine bottles. Usually wine packages are made for vertical display and then the package is thrown away once the bottles a <Cropped>

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Green Product Award

The Green Product Award Is An Annual International Competition For Sustainable Products and Services From Established Firms and Startups. Students and Designers With New Concepts Are Also Welcome to Product Award 2019-Now With An Own Green Fa

The green product award is an annual international competition for sustainable products and services from established firms and startups. students and designers with new concepts are also welcome to join.Green product award 2019 - now with an own gre <Cropped>

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Bakery by Shinya Hirata

Shinya Hirata Presents The Le Sucre-Coeur Bakery

Shinya Hirata, the designer of the highlighted project bakery by Shinya Hirata explicates, This is a place no one imagines as the center of Osaka, surrounded by is concept of the design. Surrounded by large glass the walls and the interi <Cropped>

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Residence by Dylan Baker-Rice

Dylan Baker-Rice Shows The Bright Curves Residence Residence

Dylan Baker-Rice, the thinktank behind the highlighted work Bright Curves Residence by Dylan Baker-Rice illustrates, A new home for a young family, the design is the second commission for the studio in the Hong Kong neighbourhood of Jardine's Lo <Cropped>

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Museum of Seurasaari by Gyula Takács

Gyula Takács Presents The Muse Helsinki Museum of Seurasaari

Gyula Takács, the maker of the award winning project Award Winning MuSe Helsinki Museum of Seurasaari explicates, Seurasaari is one of the 315 islands in Helsinki. Over the past 100 years, 78 wooden buildings have been shipped here from various part <Cropped>

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Exhibition, Events & Meetings Space by Lorenzo Apicella

Lorenzo Apicella Exhibits The Cedia Booth Design 2015 Exhibition, Events & Meetings Space

Lorenzo Apicella , the thinktank behind the award winning design Cedia Booth Design 2015 - Exhibition, Events & Meetings Space by Lorenzo Apicella illustrates, In 2015, the Custom Electronic Designers and Installers Association re-positioned its <Cropped>

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Konigsberger Vannucchi's Mn/15 Ibirapuera Residential Building

Konigsberger Vannucchi Illustrates The Mn/15 Ibirapuera Residential Building

Konigsberger Vannucchi, the thinktank behind the award winning project MN/15 Ibirapuera by Konigsberger Vannucchi explicates, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Facing a vast green area, including the city’s busiest park, the Ibiripauera, the design for this high- <Cropped>

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Sculptural Seating:regency Benches, Pimlico, London, Uk by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Spotlights The Regency Benches, Pimlico, London, Uk Sculptural Seating

The lead designer of the displayed project Sculptural Seating by Acclaimed Designer spells out, The Regency benches are a series of three stainless steel benches installed in a park behind the Tate Britain Gallery in London. The project was a collabo <Cropped>

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Pro Carton Young Designers Award 2019

The Pro Carton Young Designers Award Is Now One of Europe’s Leading Annual Young Talent Competitions For Packaging Design. Every Student Enrolled in a European Design School or University and With a Heart For Structural and Product Design Is Welcome To

The pro carton young designers award is now one of europe’s leading annual young talent competitions for packaging design. every student enrolled in a european design school or university and with a heart for structural and product design is welcom <Cropped>

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