Slice Diamond Ring Band by Payal Shah

Payal Shah Discloses The Ete Ring Slice Diamond Ring Band

Payal Shah, the creative mind behind the award winning project Slice Diamond Ring Band by Payal Shah explains, Ete ring's are a unique collection of 18K gold diamond band rings. Created with the influence from architecture design, I am inspired <Cropped>

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Restaurant by Arnav Mathur

Arnav Mathur Illustrates The Enroot Restaurant

Arnav Mathur, the lead designer of the awarded work Enroot - Restaurant by Arnav Mathur illustrates, Sitting amidst sprawling green surroundings and celebrating the grains, textures and unevenness inherent of its constituent materials, the space ca <Cropped>

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Shift-Chest of Drawers by Eckhard Beger

Eckhard Beger Designs The Shift Chest of Drawers

Eckhard Beger, the thinktank behind the displayed work Chest of drawers by Eckhard Beger points out, Shift by ArteNemus is a chest of drawers based on the shape of a rhombohedron. The tilted geometric outline of the creation suggests instability whil <Cropped>

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Award Winning June by Netatmo Sun Protection Coaching Bracelet

Camille Toupet & Adrien Campagnac Reveals The June by Netatmo Sun Protection Coaching Bracelet

Camille Toupet & Adrien Campagnac, the thinktank behind the award winning project Camille Toupet & Adrien Campagnac's JUNE by netatmo Sun protection coaching bracelet illustrates, JUNE is a sun protection coaching bracelet. It is the fir <Cropped>

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Design Switch by David Dos Santos

David Dos Santos Creates The Piano Design Switch

David Dos Santos, the thinktank behind the awarded design Award Winning Piano Design Switch says, After an intense process of brainstorming, developing and hard work, Belgian design company Lithoss is proud to officially present a complete new range <Cropped>

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Natural Handmade Skincare Brand by The Box Brand Design

The Box Brand Design Illustrates The Wan Fong Yuen Natural Handmade Skincare Brand

The Box Brand Design, the author of the awarded design natural handmade skincare brand by The Box Brand Design illustrates, Wan Fong Yuen is a personal skincare brand by a local lady from Hong Kong. Its belief that nothing manufactured could come clo <Cropped>

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Award Winning 8 Securities : Home Website

8 Securities Team Exhibits The 8 Securities : Home Website

8 Securities team, the project leader of the award winning work 8 Securities : Home by 8 Securities team illustrates, 8 Securities is a next generation mobile trading & investing service in Asia..

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Multifunctional Wine Rack:the Cava Project by Mariza Tsiligkiridi

Mariza Tsiligkiridi Shows The The Cava Project Multifunctional Wine Rack

Mariza Tsiligkiridi, the architect of the awarded work Award Winning The Cava Project Multifunctional wine rack spells out, Cava product range is a multifunctional furniture-like wine racks made of industrial materials. The simple assembly system of <Cropped>

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Melodi-Stathakis Family by as Advertising-Valia Alousi

As Advertising-Valia Alousi Illustrates The Melodi-Stathakis Family Honey Packaging

As Advertising - Valia Alousi, the thinktank behind the highlighted project Melodi - Stathakis Family by As Advertising - Valia Alousi explicates, Glimmering gold and bronze instantly catching the attention of consumers are employed to make the MELOD <Cropped>

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Modular Seating System:bend Modular Seating System by Marc Scimé

Marc Scimé Creates The Bend Modular Seating System Modular Seating System

Marc Scimé, the maker of the awarded design Marc Scimé's Bend Modular Seating System Modular Seating System points out, Bend seating by Marc Scimé, completes Bend & Transition, a seating and table ecosystem for open domestic and commercia <Cropped>

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