Wine Labes by Giovanni Murgia

Giovanni Murgia Reveals The The Sands Wine Labels Wine Labes

Giovanni Murgia, the author of the displayed design Award Winning The Sands Wine Labels Wine labes illustrates, To realize the design of these labels, the research has been carried out on printing techniques, materials and graphic choices, able to re <Cropped>

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Visualization, Sanitary Faucet by Jiankun Sun

Jiankun Sun Exhibits The Sanitary Faucet Visualization, Sanitary Faucet

Jiankun Sun, the architect of the highlighted design Sanitary faucet by Jiankun Sun points out, This faucet’s outlet works directly as a switch. Glass tube can just save enough water for one person to wash hands, so that users can visually see how <Cropped>

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Interior Design by Iuan-Kai Fang

Iuan-Kai Fang Shares The Surrealism Interior Design

Iuan-Kai Fang, the creator of the award winning design Surrealism by Iuan-Kai Fang points out, Showing the distinguishing accomplishments by the five surrealistic masters, who are Magritte, Delvaux, DALI, Ernst and Mir, the designer ingenuously prese <Cropped>

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Likaisong by Chenglong Tao

Chenglong Tao Creates The Likaisong Typeface

Chenglong Tao, the thinktank behind the awarded design Award Winning Likaisong Typeface says, This set of fonts contains Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Latin, Arabic numerals, their style is consistent. Chinese horizontal and vert <Cropped>

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360° Display Image by Larry Chen

Larry Chen Creates The Realvisual 360° Display 360° Display Image

Larry Chen, the lead designer of the award winning work 360° display image by Larry Chen demonstrates, RealVisual is a three-dimensional display can be observed 360°.3D object can be observed from different angles to the observer of the correspon <Cropped>

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American International School of Gz-School by Vantree Design and Pearl River Design

Vantree Design and Pearl River Design Portrays The American International School of Gz School

Vantree Design and Pearl River Design, the creator of the awarded design SCHOOL:American International School of GZ by Vantree Design and Pearl River Design explains, The design project of AISG includes the renovation of 499 halls, music rooms, artis <Cropped>

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Office Chair by Johnathan Wu

Johnathan Wu Discloses The Uchair Office Chair

Johnathan Wu, the designer of the award winning work Office Chair:uChair by Johnathan Wu says, uChair is the most "personalisable" PC and office chair in the world. It allows the sitter/ owner to easily customise the back banner and armrest <Cropped>

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Vestel Venus Leo-Smartphone by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Spotlights The Vestel Venus Leo Smartphone

The designer of the award winning project Smartphone by Acclaimed Designer illustrates, The eye catching colorful design of VENUS Leo Smart Phone is represents the potentials of plastic material and its flexibility. That resulted as trendy colored v <Cropped>

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Store by Ali Alavi

Ali Alavi Discloses The Family Center Store

Ali Alavi, the creative mind behind the awarded design Family center - Store by Ali Alavi points out, There are a few reasons why I enclosed the long (30 meters) front wall. One, was that the existing building's elevation was really unpleasant, <Cropped>

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Award Winning Coral Vase Flower Vase

Steve Lee Illustrates The Coral Vase Flower Vase

Steve Lee, the designer of the displayed work Award Winning CORAL VASE FLOWER VASE explicates, Coral flower vase is a 3d printed test tube flower vase which hosts dynamic and spatial floral arrangements. The vase has a minimal structural setting to p <Cropped>

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