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Trazor Gel

Trazor Gel is a Revolutionary All in one Shaving System with the world’s first Multi blade adapter that gives the freedom to accept more than 25 of the most popular men and women razor blades. It also has an integrated dual purpose shaving and aftershave gel making it a complete shaving system. Trazor’s ergonomic design gives one of the smoothest shave with less hand fatigue and a firm grip. It comes with a sleek and compact travel case .

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FDTC Compact

The FDTC compact cassette; a unique design created to provide dynamic cooling and heating. With lower running costs and energy expenditure, the attractive draft prevention panel offers increased comfort for end users. With the advanced engineering and new design features flexibility and satisfaction is felt within office, retail and leisure environments.

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Agile 4525L

Agile 4525L gives an impression of pace at short distances with dynamic lines flowing to front at sides and sweeping upwards at the back. The unique twist form at backrest creates an unconventional aesthetic perception, helps safety belts to work efficiently and prevents hunchbacks. Innovative height-adaptive belts that don’t need any adjustments can adapt to passengers in any height. Extended leg space obtained by a thinner backrest guarantees comfort. Metallic colors of accessories and buttons help visibility in low light while enhancing the perceived quality.

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Tunnel Collection

Control tunnel safety equipment, the structure design has reached the IP67 rating, the safe operation of the equipment can electrify case, design by using the principle of the geometric design, more features prominent line product features. The whole machine adopts the metal die-casting aluminum, the surface coating anticorrosive paint. Machine for matte texture, equipment can be in offline cases can be stored for at least a month's worth of log information, data gathering information, equipment can withstand AC1500V / 500 hz voltage.

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ND Lens Gear

The ND LensGear precisely adjusts selfcentered to lenses with different diameters. The ND LensGear Series covers all lenses out like no other available LensGear. No Cutting and no Bending: No more screw drivers, worn out belts or annoying remainders of straps that stick out. Everything fits like a charm. And another plus, its Tool-Free! Thanks to its clever design it centers itself gently and firmly around the lens.

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All though there exists numerous precedence demonstrating the benefits of floor cleaning robots, one major factor attributing to their performance loss is their inability to access staircases. sTetro uses a lifting mechanism to reconfigure itself and is capable of navigating over flat surfaces as well as staircases, thus significantly extending the automated cleaning capabilities as compared to conventional home cleaning robots. An autonomy algorithm is also designed for self transformation, locomotion, and autonomous navigation of sTetro in the controlled environment.

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