Shower by Vlad Mititelu

Vlad Mititelu Reveals The Jazz Shower

Vlad Mititelu, the lead designer of the award winning project Vlad Mititelu's Jazz Shower illustrates, Jazz is a brand new product, part of Art Showers series, project that stands up to standard designs and traditional interpretations. The desig <Cropped>

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Wall Decoration by Beauregard

Beauregard Spotlights The L’hexagone Wall Decoration

BEAUREGARD , the maker of the displayed project BEAUREGARD 's L’Hexagone wall decoration spells out, L'Hexagone can represent the new way of life of wall paper. Also, it'is another way to say "France" because of its roughl <Cropped>

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Award Winning 2-in-1 Slide to Rocker

Grow'n Up Design Team Spotlights The 2-in-1 Slide to Rocker

Grow'n Up Design Team, the project leader of the awarded project -:2-in-1 Slide to Rocker by Grow'n Up Design Team explains, Perfect for toddlers...the 2-in-1 Slide to Rocker easily converts from rocker to slide for two fun ways to play. In <Cropped>

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Dental Laser by Light Instruments Ltd

Light Instruments Ltd. Illustrates The Litetouch™ Dental Laser

Light Instruments Ltd. , the designer of the award winning work Award Winning LiteTouch™ Dental Laser points out, LiteTouch™ is an Erbium: YAG dental laser (2,940nm wavelength) for hard and soft tissue treatments. The Erbium: YAG wavelength is we <Cropped>

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Casino by Abel Gómez Morón Santos

Abel Gómez Morón Santos Discloses The Luckia Casino Arica Casino

Abel Gómez Morón Santos, the creative mind behind the highlighted work Abel Gómez Morón Santos's Luckia Casino Arica Casino demonstrates, The most important part of the design of the Luckia Casino Arica is that it creates an experience to en <Cropped>

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Office For Aviators by Vicky Chan

Vicky Chan Discloses The The Cloud Office For Aviators

Vicky Chan, the creator of the award winning design Vicky Chan's The Cloud Office for Aviators explicates, The Cloud is a headquarter for a well known aviation company inside two 48 floor towers. The new workplace will accommodate 10,000 people. <Cropped>

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888 Boylston Street by Mikyoung Kim

Mikyoung Kim Discloses The 888 Boylston Street Public Plaza

Mikyoung Kim , the author of the highlighted work 888 Boylston Street by Mikyoung Kim explains, Located in the heart of Boston’s historic Back Bay neighborhood, the design of the Prudential Plaza highlights the wind patterns on site through such in <Cropped>

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Seat:schweben by Omar Idriss

Omar Idriss Spotlights The Schweben Seat

Omar Idriss, the architect of the awarded project Omar Idriss's Schweben Seat explains, A collection of swing chairs; called Schweben, which means “float” in German. The designer; Omar Idriss, got inspired by the simplicity of Bauhaus geomet <Cropped>

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Mobile Application:wonder by Shih-Wei Cheng

Shih-Wei Cheng Spotlights The Wonder Mobile Application

Shih-Wei Cheng, the author of the awarded project Wonder by Shih-Wei Cheng illustrates, Finding travel companions is hard and there are unmet needs for those who wish to do that. The mobile app not only helps travelers find one another more easily ba <Cropped>

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Il Won Lee's Ultimate Series High Performance Audio System

Il Won Lee Creates The Ultimate Series High Performance Audio System

IL WON LEE, the creator of the displayed work Award Winning Ultimate series High performance audio system says, The Ultimate series is a complete high performance audio system including a server, dac, pre amplifier and power amplifier with the purest <Cropped>

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